About Us

We are a healthcare staffing agency covering the entire state of Ohio. At Northern Star Staffing Solutions, we are caring for one Soul at a time, being that beacon of inspiration and hope to those in need. Whether you are looking for Respite care, Home Care Services, Facility Staffing, Homemaking services, Hospice, or Hospitals, we will be your Northern Star to guide you to your next adventure.

The Story of the Northern Star Name

This business was literally “birthed” from a death. In July 2015, the Mother of Jackee Miller, Owner of Northern Star Staffing Solutions, passed away very suddenly and very unexpectedly. Grief can sometimes be so overwhelming to where it almost consumes us. She needed to get out of “that place” so she channeled her grief into ministering to others who were hurting. From here she continued the pursuit of happiness through the life her mother brought to their family and all that knew her.

She was always our “Northern Star” and through her legacy, we wanted to continue her great ministry, guiding light, and true meaning to a lasting relationship with everyone she came into contact with. Through our mission, we vow to be your beacon of light to guide you through all your healthcare and personal needs. We are not only a business in healthcare but we too are a ministry of Christian faith and our goal is to be with our clients and patients on both a professional as well as a spiritual level.


The future is changing and we are a part of it

Why Northern Star Staffing Solutions is the answer?